More Solutions

We’re full-service technology consultants. We have team members that specialize in a wide range of additional services, including:


Our specialized cabling team can help you with running cables for a new office, cleaning up cable mess, or adding to an existing cabling system. Our methods make it easy for you to work while we work around your space. We also offer after-hours visits to provide minimal disruption to your workday.
Our specialties include:

  •  Voice/Voip
  •  Internet/Data
  •  Inside wiring

Reputation Management/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain a good “Google-able” reputation. People may share the same names as you, the same info, or better search engine optimization on their website. We can help with this. Members of our team are experienced in making sure the information that shows up in searches is relevant, informative, positive, and aligned with your goals. We’ll make you look good on the web!

Move Management

We assist in relocation management of all things IT. We can backup your entire office’s data, deconstruct your important equipment, transport your property, and reconstruct and reorganize your office equipment. We guarantee the safety of all laptops, desktops, servers, wiring/cabling, and whatever else you’ll need moved. We’ll maintain an inventory for everything and make sure nothing gets misplaced.

Disaster Prep/Recovery

Nature can be a businesses’s worst enemy. Be prepared with our disaster preparation plans. In addition to backups, we will help you devise a plan in case of unexpected weather or power outages. If you need assistance post-disaster, we can help restore your work-space back to normal.